The Madrid shutter is made with fixed slats. Assembled with European chamber hardware, it comes in different rebate solutions of the coplanar type on the external side and internal overlap or internal / external coplanar.


Technical features:

Wind resistance: Class C5
Aluminum alloy: 6060 (UNI 9006/1).

Dimensional characteristics:

Section of the fixed frame mm 41
Frame section coplanar solution mm 50
Sections of the doors 41 – 56 mm
Wall overlap of fixed frames 23, 25, 40, 45 mm
Slot openings for slats mm 22.5 – 25 – 35.4
Rebate overlap (overlap) 6 mm
European chamber accessories housing location (14-18)

Types achievable:

Window and French window from one to two doors
Adjustable or fixed slats