Design, strength, elegance: multi-material combinations

Our profiles, masterpieces on the agenda, arise under the lights of tradition and are projected towards innovation.

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Alworld fixtures furnish your home with style, safety and technology. Beautiful to look at and guaranteed over time, they are your best allies for energy saving.

Windows play an important role in contemporary living. We have invested many hours of research to give life to a powerful and material design capable of expressing the concept of the essentiality of the door with a minimum footprint and also to best represent traditional windows, where wood is the undisputed protagonist of charm.

The thin profiles, on the other hand, are characterized by essential lines of the frame, integrated into the masonry, to bring out the light in the best possible way. They are designed to develop continuously, between the outside and the inside, canceling the boundaries. Ultra-modern, classic or contemporary, your home represents you and your vision. Here you will find the solution tailored for you.


Our strength is the design, we study the performance characteristics of your windows, such as thermo-acoustic insulation, anti-intrusion safety, comfort of use, without neglecting aesthetics.

Spirit and essence of quality

Alword, your window



We study the living environment and offer unique solutions for each client

Quality over time

Our locking systems are assembled with components that last over the years

Thermal-acoustic insulation

We leave heat, cold and noise outside your home so as not to disturb the living comfort

Low maintenance

We select the best materials to minimize maintenance interventions

Attention to detail

Every detail is customizable, from the handle to any other accessory


We assure you security and privacy to make your home a peaceful place

Style, creativity and quality assurance

With our profiles you will have a home to live in. Come to the showroom to choose your window.

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Inside the company you can visit the showroom, set up with windows of various models. You will be able to admire our ultra-modern solutions in shades of metal up close or appreciate the classic and timeless lines where the combination of wood and aluminum is well composed and restores the atmosphere of a home that is always welcoming.

The showroom is spread over a large area, inside an all-white frame stands the exhibition that offers a unique and exclusive experience: touch what will be an important part of your home. A sophisticated setting, where all the samples of a now large collection, in continuous evolution, which has taken shape over the years,

represent the stylistic response you were looking for. An additional space where precious essences such as solid oak or lacquered wood, combined with multiple finishing accessories, alternate on large display panels and recreate the perfect scenography to welcome the project of your new home.


The rigor of the contemporary style or the timeless charm of the traditional house are designed by horizontal, vertical or skylight-like windows to frame glimpses of the landscape and visually expand the spaces.


Geometries of style, precious materials, perfect execution are the elements to give life to your project. Together with you, Alworld configures spaces and light to make your world stand out in the best possible way.

Today Alworld, attentive to the evolution of the window sector market, takes care of technological and structural growth, becoming competitive in a national and international context.

Quality, tradition, innovation.

A continuously expanding and increasingly global path that of Alworld, a company specialized in the construction and assembly of frames and structural facades for buildings.

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We look to the future, but our expertise has a long generational continuity. Our history has its roots in 1947 as an artisan company in the Alto Tirreno Cosentino area. Since then, commitment, innovation and investments have transformed a small company into a modern company in step with the times.

With its 7000 square meters, Alworld operates in the industrial area of the Municipality of Santa Maria del Cedro in the province of Cosenza. The production is customer-oriented, articulated and attentive to the evolution of the needs of the most demanding customers. Production flexibility concerns both the use of different processing systems and the materials used.

Attention to customers and product quality are Alworld’s priorities. The company, which combines tradition and technology, involves the customer right from the design stage, the most technical and complex phase, where the most suitable solutions for individual needs are evaluated for complete customization, up to installation on site.

Memories are like old photos, they fade over time, but the essentiality of the experience gained over many years of work remains indelible and are the impetus to project oneself into the future.

The constant commitment and continuous technological and design innovation have allowed Alworld to obtain official certifications to protect and guarantee the customer.

UNI ISO 9001-2008 quality certification / CE marking / SOA certification of qualification for the execution of public works (IT Presidential Decree 34/2000 art.2 com.1).