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The services must be used exclusively for lawful purposes and in line with the purposes of this site, failure to comply with this commitment may make you subject to civil and / or criminal liability.

Following registration you will be able to access all or some of the services on the site, assuming full responsibility for the statements, statements and any data entered or indirectly attributable to you.
the Company cannot in any way be held responsible for any violations committed or for questions and claims, including compensatory claims, that may be advanced by third parties, in relation to the contents you have entered including the Public Authority and the Control Authorities in advertising matters, without prejudice to remaining your responsibility for any damage caused to the Company.
All the initiatives undertaken following the consultation of this site will be freely carried out by you. The Company will not be in any way responsible for any incorrect interpretations and activities undertaken by you following the consultation of this site.
The Company will have the right to interrupt and / or intervene on activities performed by you through this site at any time and without notice following failure to comply with these Conditions.
The Company declines any responsibility for the contents posted on this site by its users, committing itself only to provide for the timely removal of the contents object of dispute by third parties in the face of suitable notification by the interested party and / or the competent authority.
You also undertake not to destroy, modify or interfere in any way with any software and / or server of this site and not to prevent or interfere with the use of the services by third parties. You also agree not to alter or interfere with any information or material of the services or associated with them.
The services are provided in the state of fact and law in which they are found. The Company therefore excludes any guarantee, explicit or implicit, in relation to the quality or particular characteristics of the services, as well as in no case will it be liable in the event that the services become unavailable, in whole or in part. , or, for any other way in which the service was rendered. Furthermore, it does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service, since the operations of this site may be affected by numerous factors that are not within the Company’s control.
The Company reserves the right to provide and request to accept, from time to time, additional conditions of use applicable to specific parts or sections of this site. These additional conditions will be entered in the parts of this site to which they refer and will be clearly identifiable.
The Company may modify these Conditions. The changes will be considered accepted with the use of the site by the user.
The law governing these Conditions is Italian law. This agreement has been drawn up in the Italian language. Any dispute arising from the relationship governed by this agreement will be referred to the ordinary Italian jurisdiction.
The Company does not guarantee that the contents of this site are appropriate or lawful in other countries. Any invalidity, nullity or ineffectiveness of one or more of these Conditions, if accepted, will not result in the invalidity, ineffectiveness or nullity of the remaining clauses which will remain valid and effective.


For the use of this site it is an essential condition that the following rules of conduct are observed.

Each user must respect all those who interact, their ideas, their web spaces and their products and remember that the comments system is accessible to all and readable by all. Users interact with each other with the sole purpose of being able to express their opinions or clarifications. Exchanges of personal information whose content is outside the scope of this site, controversy or disturbance to participants with unnecessary and off-topic comments are not allowed. In the use of this site, users must not use obscene, indecent, offensive, profane, disparaging or defamatory language, expressions of fanaticism, racism, hatred, irreverence, threatening, provocative or otherwise content that may or cause prejudice to the Company or to third parties. Your ideas must be expressed without irreverent or deliberately provocative tones aimed at generating quarrels, discussions or disturbing. In case of violation by third parties of the above, we invite you to promptly report to the email address of the Company indicated in the “Contacts” section of the site .


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