The S77 system is Alworld’s proposal for advanced insulating casement windows, with a modern flat design that meets the high standards of public and private buildings in Western Europe. It is the ideal solution for projects that require high performance and maximum safety.

In addition, the system offers a minimal design for windows and patio doors with concealed frame and accessories. The S77 system meets the most demanding levels of performance in terms of thermal insulation, water tightness which, in combination with the reduction of sound, make it ideal for use in demanding projects.

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• High thermal insulation value Uf ≥ 0.85 W / m2K, certified by the IFT Rosenheim Institute.
• Width of the visible aluminum surface 93 mm and only 67 mm for concealed door frames.
• Maximum water tightness with 3 levels of coextruded EPDM gaskets and polyurethane foam gaskets.
• Low threshold designed for easy access for the disabled.
• For all types of swing windows and doors.
• Extra profiles are available for correct installation on the French market.


Width of the visible aluminum surface: 93 mm
Structure height: 61 mm
Structure thickness: 77 mm
Chassis height: 73 mm
Frame thickness: 85 mm
Door capacity: up to 150 Kg
Glass thickness: from 24 to 68 mm
Insulation: polyamide width 40 mm, Kooltherm, PE foam insulation


Thermal insulation – EN ISO 10077-2 | Uw = 0.95 W / m2K
* For window dimensions 1.60 x 2.40 m | Ug = 0.7 W / m2K