A complete system of fixed bioclimatic pergola for effective shading and aesthetic improvement of the home environment.
Available in three models, it is the ideal solution for pergolas in traditional or modern residences, hotels, recreational or dining areas. Fixed pergolas can be integrated with vertical or horizontal shading systems, polycarbonate and glass, light points, speakers, etc.


• Very clean lines with invisible connection points to ensure a minimal aesthetic effect.
• Extreme sturdiness to withstand atmospheric agents and allow realizations of considerable size (4.8 x 6.0 m).
• High quality surface treatment to ensure exceptional durability, especially in marine areas.
• Extremely easy processing and installation.


• 120 mm square column
• Rectangular blades 20 × 120 mm and 35 × 130 mm
• Single, multiple, wall structure, with or without slope
• Minimal, modern, traditional types