There are houses that it is impossible to tell. True places of the spirit, puzzle of unlimited limits, absolute spaces warped by dreams. A matter of fragrances, brightness, atmosphere.

Retractable fixtures to make room for the panorama that borders on the green of the hill until it joins the brilliant and luminous tones of the sea. An all-white house on one level that fits into the slope of the hill, until it merges with the vegetation. All the views are large openings facing southwest to let in all the sunlight until sunset which, in the summer months, makes everything more ethereal.

Salvatore and Cristina are building their dream home by acting by subtraction. The structure is essential, modern, refined, designed according to eco-sustainable architecture standards. Total white is the real protagonist in an environment where the only colors allowed will be some art objects positioned in strategic points.

The windows are black in color that disappear into the masonry, the whole project was designed to enhance the surrounding nature that can be admired through the large openings.

The project is the exact transposition of the context. On the top of this hill, looking up, you happen to spot hawks in their undisturbed flight. A light structure, almost a capsule suspended in time, finds in these concealed fixtures the delicate but decisive detail, which blends and confuses nature and the work of man.


Via degli Olmi – Zona Industriale
87020 S. Maria del Cedro CS – Italy

T: +39 0985 42078